Aplikasi player yang ana buat bernama "sunnah.NET"
berfungsi mengumpulkan dan memutar streaming dakwah sunnah yang ada di internet.

Daftar streaming yang ada di aplikasi

I. streaming dakwah

  1. Radio Rodja Server singapura 128 kbps
  2. Radio Rodja Server Indonesia 128 kbps
  3. Radio Rodja low quality 24 kbps (untuk yang koneksinya lambat)
  4. Radio Muslim Jogja
  5. Radio Satu Lombok
  6. Radio Idza'atul Khair
  7. Radio Kita Cirebon
  8. Gema Madinah Martapura
  9. Radio Sahabat Muslim Tegal
  10. Radio Ray FM Padang
  11. Radio Suara Al Iman Surabaya
  12. Radio Hidayah FM Batam
  13. Radio Dakwah Sunnah
  14. SNTV
  15. Radio Majas 91.9FM Jogja
  16. Bass FM Salatiga
  18. InsaniFM Purbalingga**
  19. AnNasihah (ust. Dzulkarnain)**

II. Streaming Al Qur'an

  1. Radio Quraan
  2. Islam2Day
  3. Quran4
  4. Radio Taqwa
  5. QuranLive
  6. Quran in Indonesia by EDC
  7. Sawat alasalah Quran Radio
  8. Radio Quran in China
  9. mp3quran main Radio
  10. Haya FM Quran
  11. Radio Islam India
  13. Quran
  14. Quran1
  15. Al-Quran Online
  16. Quran3
  17. Quran in English by EDC
  18. Radio Tahfiz

III. Streaming Qori'

  1. Abdurrahman al Juhaini
  2. Saud As Suraim
  3. Khalid Al Qahtani
  4. Ali Jabir
  5. Ahmad Al Ajmi
  6. Yusuf Ibn Nuh Ahmad
  7. Muhammad Al Luhaidan
  8. Hani Ar Rifa'i
  9. Misary Rasyid Al Afasy
  10. Abdul Aziz Al Ahmad
  11. Abu Bakr As Satiri
  12. Abdurrahman As Sudais
  13. Farees Abbad
Demikian semoga bermanfaat

jika berminat silahkan download

Sunday, May 10, 2015
Posted by airasz

Android Break

After accidently I broke my sgs2 lcd, I break to play android OS til I get a new one.
To fill the empty, I coding on vb.NET.
So in the next post, may be I upload about vb.NET project.
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Posted by airasz

[Android] [Tool] flusher | Update zip maker v1.0

Update zip maker v1.0

For people want to make own android recovery zip
Actually this is my own tool to make me easier when I am on working trough with my android system.
But I feel its not big deal if I share and some people of you can use my tool .

This tool write in batch program and I convert to exe file with converter program so may be this tool get false detecting as virus or suspected file.
the only one system requirement is installed java on your computer.

Easy download here

Tiny tutorial:
  • In this archive tool contain folder with name "system" inside the "placehere" folder. that is virtual of  system folder on your system device. 
  • Some case you wanna push example.apk on you system folder on your device, so put that example.apk on "placehere/system/apk/"
  • Open tool and choose number of menu and hit enter to excute
  • This tool will create zip file with name "" or you can create your own name of zip file when created by choose the specific number on menu.
  • You can just create zip file or auto push to your device or create-push and auto reboot to recover

note : autoflash  (7 & 8) will create zip, push to device, reboot to recovery, auto flash zip that you push and reboot to system again in one hit key just like what CWM manager do BUT only work on device which have no internal sdcard exist. Only work and tested on my RIP device samsung GTI5510

If you have question, just tell me. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Posted by airasz

joyos on cm7.2 samsung galaxy5510

This is just give you any choice for another rom.

all feature not completely tested yet (fullday worker)

-gravity sensor is dead
-usb tether not found
-theming by cm7 themechooser
-broken pixel of launcher icon

-goto cwm recovery
-wipe data
-wipe cache
-wipe dalvig cache
-install zip, choose joyos ROM zip file 

-willing magic for base ROM
-joyos team

if you wanna try:

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Posted by airasz

Another Post

now info


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